Tshitassinu – La Romaine sector is located west of the Romaine River, in portion B of the fishing zone 19 South. With a total area of 2,071 km2, the territory includes the Romaine River up to the hydroelectric development of Romaine-4. It includes also several lakes as well as some of the tributaries of the Romaine, Puyjalon, au Foin, Bat-le-Diable and Allard rivers.



The access to the Tshitassinu - La Romaine territory is restricted. The only access is by the road built to Romaine hydroelectric project. 

This road is currently open to the public to the kilometer 117, in the Romaine-3 sector.






The vegetation of the Tshitassinu – La Romaine sector is dominated by the black spruce. The territory also offers a large diversity of landscapes.
The southern portion is rather flat and largely consists of peat lands, while its northern portion is more mountainous.
The river system of the Tshitassinu – La Romaine sector is large and characterized by fertile and fishy lakes.
Fish-free lakes are also found in the area. These ecosystems support a unique biodiversity where the barrow's goldeneye, a duck listed as a species of special concern, may come to nest.