Water bodies

See the maps of the water bodies in Tshitassinu – La Romaine sector

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Since April 1, 2018, it is forbidden to fish for lake trout on the Romaine-1 reservoir over its entire surface.

This prohibition is aimed at ensuring that a viable population is established. However, fishing for other species can be done and sport fishing regulations must be respected.

The following table shows the list of all other water bodies or rivers where fishing is prohibited for all species.

of water body
Name of water body or river Geographic coordinates
Unnamed lake

50° 23’ 57’’ N

63° 15’ 32’’ O

N/A Romaine and Puyjalon rivers as well as on their tributaries frequented by salmon, including the Bat-le-Diable, au Foin and Allard rivers The prohibition against fishing applies to the Romaine River, from its mouth up to the Grande Chute, as well as to the Puyjalon River, from its confluence with the Romaine River to the first rapid of the outflow of the Lake Puyjalon
541 Maurice lake

50° 57’ 41’’ N

63° 23’ 27’’ O

548 Unnamed lake

50° 57’ 59’’ N

63° 24’ 36’’ O

731 Unnamed lake

51° 19’ 43’’ N

63° 34’ 10’’ O

In the context of the implementation of the wildlife management plan developed in collaboration with the MFFP, please note that in addition to water bodies identified in the above table, other water bodies could be prohibited against fishing when the quota has been reached.

NOTE: The information provided in the Société Tshitassinu website does not replace the texts and official documents produced by the ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP).